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Servicer solutions: Featured Work

Servicer Solutions

Quality's team has decades of experience in management of hazard insurance recovery, mortgage default servicing and insurance operations for major servicers and lender placed carriers.

Hazard Claims

​​Do you believe your claims are being wrongfully denied?  Is it taking a long time to get paid?  Are you paying out-of-pocket for property repairs? 

Quality Claims   insurance professionals identify insurable damages and file claims on vacant, damaged properties in your portfolio. Our licensed public adjusters focus on expediting and maximizing your recovery on every loss.

We manage the entire process including claim identification, coverage confirmation, claim submission, line-item settlement analysis, denial disputes, and tracking and securing recovery funds. 


Averaging 15+ years experience, our adjusters are the industry’s most seasoned experts in mortgagee policy rights. They are knowledgeable in both lender-placed and retail insurance coverage. They are professional, tenacious and passionate about delivering a fast and fair settlement on every claim.


Our web-based claims management application, IQ, provides 100% transparency to clients. Live, claim level detail and all claim-related documents are easily accessed. We offer customized reporting and a comprehensive suite of standard reports clients can generate at will.


Loss Draft Processing

Superior customer service

Using our integrated technology, Quality Claims    provides a fully outsourced service for all loss draft processing. Adhering to client/investor guidelines we manage all processes from initial homeowner contact to final disbursement. Our call center is staffed by a compassionate customer service team.


All parties have visibility into the process through our web-based Insurance Claims Assistance Portal (ICAP) that serves as a multi-party communication tool and central document repository throughout the claim process.


Quality’s insurance expertise can also be leveraged to review estimates, damage inspections and contractor communication.




Claim support and advocacy for your customers


Borrowers may face financial challenges, default and even foreclosure due to a delayed or denied property insurance claim.  This is especially common and particularly traumatic after a large loss or a natural disaster. Our compassionate team can assist your borrowers one-on-one with the goal of expediting claim resolution and making them whole. A range of services are included, from a one-time consultation, to on-going advocacy and advice, to full representation and management of the claim.


Servicer Benefits


  • Timely protection of collateral

  • Positive customer experience

  • Avoid loan delinquency or foreclosure

  • Reliable and comprehensive claim tracking

  • Minimize reputational risk

  • Peace of mind in claim outcome​

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