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Sue Lani

Dear Ms. Cary:

THANK YOU for your invaluable advice.

My insurance agent kindly tried to explain that the “occurrence” described herein was not covered. Furthermore, that submission of an “uncovered” claim against my policy would effect my ability to get/retain coverage. I didn’t quite understand that part.

However, thanks to your timely message below -- I asked for a complete copy of my policy. There under the “KEY” word YOU provided “Collapse” – we found wording that seems to indicate I have a legitimate claim.

If it hadn’t been for you – I wouldn’t have even tried after the first polite rejection.

I don’t think there was any intention to deceive me – only ignorance on both our parts. I now have to write a 4 sentence description of the “occurrence” for the claim, and I’ll make every effort to speak in their language.

If you sometimes wonder if what you are doing makes a difference in the world – YOU MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO ME. Not just in helping me to recover money that I can’t afford to loose – but in helping someone you don’t even know –

FEEL A GOOD WARM GLOW – YOU DESERVE IT! I’m going to “pay forward” your kind help.

Sue Lani


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