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Real Surf Shop Accident

What would you do if when you showed up at your small business to open up in the morning, you discovered that overnight someone had plowed their car through your front window and your business was destroyed?

This is what the owners of the REAL Surf Shop in Oceanside, CA found when they showed up in the morning. Not only was their shop destroyed and most of their merchandise ruined, their business was forced to close on the beginning of the surf season, their busiest day of the year, the day that kids get out of school for the summer.

This was a disaster double whammy. Not only did they lose much of their merchandise, they were out of business on what would have been their biggest sales day of the year. To make matters worse, they missed most of the summer season due to their loss!

After the police and fire department pulled the vehicle out of the window, Heather Mazelli and her husband Shawn, began to take measure of their damage.

Their small shop was their entire livelihood. Much of their inventory was ruined, torn and shredded. What wasn't destroyed was covered with oil and transmission fluid. They ended up tossing a lot of merchandise. After a week or so, they were able to patch a bit of their building together but they were unable to function profitably.

Real Surf Shop in Oceanside, CA

Heather and Shawn knew they had business insurance but were unsure what exactly the policy covered or how to go about making a claim. Plus, having had bad experiences with insurance companies in the past, they decided to let a public adjuster help them out and represent them in their negotiations with their insurance carrier.

Living in San Diego, which is often ravaged by wildfires, Sean and Heather were familiar with some of the resources available to those who needed to work with an insurance company in order to be made whole after a disaster. After asking around for references and comparing recommendations, they contacted Ron Reitz and his team at Quality Claims Management Corporation in San Diego.

They met with Ron Reitz and Kim Cary and were very impressed. "Ron came across as a honest individual who really cared about us and our business," said Shawn. "Plus he sounded like he knew what he was doing. His confidence and professionalism comforted us. We felt we could trust him."

"We probably could have done it ourselves," added Heather, "but it would have taken us a lot longer, would have driven us crazy dealing with the insurance adjusters, and in the end, we would have not received as much money as we got with the Quality Claims team representing us."

According to Heather, "We worked with Kim Cary and with Ron Reitz. Kim handled getting our inventory replaced while Ron handled the complex process of getting us reimbursed for our business interruption. They went though our insurance documents and figured out exactly how to get us reimbursed for the maximum our policy covered."

"Ron was incredible," said Shawn. "He pushed us to make sure that all our numbers were in order, that all our details were correct. He worked with our accountant, took care of all the hard paperwork, and ensured that we were adequately reimbursed for our lost business."

"The Quality Claims team were truly amazing", added Heather. "Now whenever I speak with a friend or business associate regarding an insurance issue or a problem, I make sure that to tell them to give Ron Reitz and Quality Claims a call."

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