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Wildfire Recovery: The O'Sullivan Family

In October of 2007, the O’Sullivan family’s home was burned by the wild fires that ravaged San Diego and their Rancho Bernardo neighborhood.

After the disaster, they contacted their insurance carriers. They tried to resolve payment for their insurance claim on their own and then ran into some tough hurdles. It ended up turning into a full time job keeping tab on the insurance company and chasing down receipts, costs and other hurdles.

Mrs. O’Sullivan runs a local business, “Village Mail and More”, and Mr. O’Sullivan travels extensively for work. They could not continue to keep working and dedicate the tremendous amount of time necessary to adjust and settle their claim.

They came to Quality Claims Management who prepared a line-item detailed “Scope of Loss” and then used that as the basis of their claim.

Even though the insurer had paid them what they believed was owed, the O’Sullivans sought and successfully recovered an additional 55%. It turns out they had been paid less than half of their policy limits, and by working in partnership with Quality Claims Management, they nearly met their entire policy limit.

The insureds are now rebuilding their home in Rancho Bernardo and expect it to be complete within a few months.

In this video, Mr. and Mrs. O’Sullivan explain what a Public Adjuster actually does, why they are so valuable after a disaster, and the details of their case.


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