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Real Surf Shop

What would you do if when you showed up at your small business to open up in the morning, you discovered that overnight someone had plowed their car through your front window and your business was destroyed?

This is what the owners of the REAL Surf Shop in Oceanside, CA found one morning. when they showed up in the morning.  Not only was their shop and most of their merchandise destroyed,  they were forced to close on the beginning of the surf season, their busiest day of the year and the start of their busiest season.

After the police and fire department pulled the vehicle out of the window, Heather Mazelli and her husband Shawn, began to take measure of their damage. They knew they had business insurance but were unsure what exactly the policy covered or how to make a claim. They'd had bad experiences with insurance companies in the past and knew they needed help.


After asking around for references and comparing recommendations, they contacted Ron Reitz and his team at Quality Claims Management in San Diego.

They met with Ron Reitz and Kim Cary and were very impressed. "Ron came across as an honest individual who really cared about us and our business," said Shawn. "Plus he sounded like he knew what he was doing. His confidence and professionalism comforted us. We felt we could trust him."

"We probably could have done it ourselves," added Heather, "but it would have taken us a lot longer, would have driven us crazy dealing with the insurance adjusters, and in the end, we would have not received as much money as we got with the Quality Claims team representing us."

According to Heather, "We worked with Kim Cary and with Ron Reitz. Kim handled getting our inventory replaced while Ron handled the complex process of getting us reimbursed for our business interruption. They went though our insurance documents and figured out exactly how to get us reimbursed for the maximum our policy covered."

"Ron was incredible," said Shawn. "He pushed us to make sure that all our numbers were in order, that all our details were correct. He worked with our accountant, took care of all the hard paperwork, and ensured that we were adequately reimbursed for our lost business."

"The Quality Claims team were truly amazing", added Heather. "Now whenever I speak with a friend or business associate regarding an insurance issue or a problem, I make sure that to tell them to give Ron Reitz and Quality Claims a call."

Samuel Popkin

Disaster can strike any home at any time. When it happened to us, Quality Claims gave us immediate piece of mind and eventually a reasonable outcome. They ensured that insurance companies, city officials and city contractors didn’t leave us with a second financial disaster.

No one should ever go through recovery from a disaster without a public adjuster. When our home was badly damaged by a city contractor, we learned the hard way that neither city employees nor the city contractor could be trusted to restore our home and possessions. Quality Claims put together the necessary inventories, presented the claim to the city and contractor’s carrier, challenged their claim decisions and worked with our lawyer until we successfully resolved our claim. Instead of the flea market prices, the other side offered, we received close to full replacement costs for our possessions.

Mrs. E.P Hall

It is my pleasure to offer my personal testimonial to the excellence of Quality Claims of San Diego.

The fire damage claim to my home in Murrieta, CA happened in late February 2013, and after four plus months of painting, repairs, cleaning and the like, it would have been disastrous for me had I chosen another company with minimal scruples to carry through all the details it entailed in restoring my home to its original state before the disastrous fire.

Follow through, Integrity and Care for the Client. All three represent Quality Claims.

Mr & Mrs B

Mr. and Mrs. B’s beautiful, custom-built  dream home, on a 2-acre lot in rural Poway, California, was lost to raging Southern California wildfires in 2007.

The unexpected  wildfire came on with a vengeance. While Mr. B was out on town on business, Mrs. B and her children hurriedly packed-up some possessions and drove to safety.

The following morning, their son managed to get into the neighborhood, now being guarded by police. to realize they'd joined hundreds of other San Diego County residents who no longer had a home.


Qualcomm Stadium, where the San Diego Chargers played, was swiftly converted into a  refuge for those who had been burned out or evacuated. At Qualcomm, Mrs. B met with representatives of her insurance company. They quickly cut two checks to help them get through the immediate disaster. Mrs. B was overwhelmed with gratitude.

A month or so later, after the family found temporary housing, they began to face very troubling issues with the insurance company. They had decided not to rebuild on their existing lot because of the threat of another fire. Based on this, the insurance company was only willing to pay them the "policy limits" and they believed they were due a great deal more.

"Working with the insurance company was very frustrating," recalled Mrs. B. "This was their home field and they knew all the angles. They have their own language and way of doing things. It’s not a process that’s easy for a homeowner to understand or navigate.The whole insurance experience was so stressful that it impacted every aspect of our daily lives and almost destroyed our marriage."

After months of jumping through hoops they sought help. Based on a recommendation from the local nonprofit Fire Victims activist group, they met with Kim Cary, a Public Adjuster with Quality Claims. They had interviewed some other Public Adjusting companies but  Kim seemed most knowledgeable, her company was local and they weren’t seeking an inflated commission like the other companies.

"Quality Claims took this huge monster off our backs and freed us up to start making the difficult decisions we were forced to put off while dealing with insurance issues," says Mrs. B. "From the moment we turned our case over to them, we were able to actually breathe for the first time in months."

According to Mr. B., "Kim was a godsend. She was calm, cool, and collected. She knew how to deal with the insurance company and its representatives – she knew what they were going to say and was able to make our voices heard and respected."

"Because of her dedication, phone calls and face-to-face meetings between the contractors and adjusters, Kim was able to settle our claim. She negotiated and successfully obtained another large check for us from the insurance company. Our insurance company made life almost unbearable for 18 months," explains Mrs. B. "It was bad enough that we lost everything we had – our beautiful home, antiques passed down generation to generation, the kid’s toys, everything. It’s a loss of unimaginable proportion. It happens though and we understand that. The loss is something we’ve learned to deal with. What we lacked was the energy and wherewithal when it came to dealing with our insurance company. Thank you, Quality Claims, for a great job in getting us adequate compensation."

​​Sue Lani

THANK YOU for your invaluable advice.

My insurance agent kindly tried to explain that the “occurrence” described herein was not covered. Furthermore, that submission of an “uncovered” claim against my policy would effect my ability to get/retain coverage. I didn’t quite understand that part.

However, thanks to your timely message below -- I asked for a complete copy of my policy. There under the “KEY” word YOU provided “Collapse” – we found wording that seems to indicate I have a legitimate claim.

If it hadn’t been for you – I wouldn’t have even tried after the first polite rejection.  I don’t think there was any intention to deceive me – only ignorance on both our parts. I now have to write a 4 sentence description of the “occurrence” for the claim, and I’ll make every effort to speak in their language.

If you sometimes wonder if what you are doing makes a difference in the world – YOU MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE TO ME. Not just in helping me to recover money that I can’t afford to lose – but in helping someone you don’t even know.

FEEL A GOOD WARM GLOW – YOU DESERVE IT! I’m going to “pay forward” your kind help.

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