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Quality Claims Management Corporation Promotes Senior Executives

April 2022

San Diego, CA - Quality Claims Management Corporation, one of the nation's most respected public insurance adjusters, today announced that Lorraine Tabron and Robyn Bui have been promoted to Senior Vice Presidents.

Lorraine Tabron joined Quality Claims in 2009 as a Client Relations Manager. Ms. Tabron has been leading our Client Relations Department for many years and works directly with clients to deliver exceptional service, as evidenced by consistently stellar client scorecards.

Robyn Bui joined Quality Claims in 2016 as a member of the Client Relations Department and now leads the Sales and Business Development Team. Ms. Bui has been instrumental in the development of the Quality Claims OccuTrack® product as one of the inventors and as the head of the product line. Ms. Bui is also actively involved with the private investigative work that Quality Claims provides.

About Quality Claims Management Corporation

Quality Claims Management Corporation is a public insurance adjuster as well as a private investigative firm. As public insurance adjusters, Quality Claims provides hazard insurance claims recovery services to investors, mortgage servicers, homeowners and businesses. As a private investigation firm, Quality Claims supports law firms, banks and mortgage servicers in various investigative work.

For more information contact:

Robyn Bui

SVP Sales & Business Development

Phone: (619) 450-8602

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