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Quality Claims® / Quality Investigative Services: Surplus Funds

August 2023

As part of our comprehensive services, our exceptional Quality Investigative Services team, led by dedicated professional Private Investigators, plays a crucial role in locating rightful beneficiaries of Surplus Funds. We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge investigative techniques and extensive resources to ensure that these funds find their way into the hands of those rightfully entitled to them.

However, we understand that Surplus Funds may be unfamiliar to many.

What are Surplus Funds?

Surplus Funds, in the context of a foreclosure sale, refers to the excess funds generated when a property is sold for an amount exceeding the outstanding debt at the time of the sale (which includes any additional fees incurred during the property’s sale). It’s important to note these Surplus Funds are not retained by the financial institution or government; rather, they are rightfully returned to either the former borrower or heirs of the property.

How does the process work?

After the property sale, if Surplus Funds are identified, the company holding the funds (usually the Trustee or foreclosing attorneys) will promptly issue notices to all parties with a vested interest in the property. Responding parties must complete a claim form to initiate the process of collecting the funds. The company holding the funds will guide the interested parties through the next steps of the process.

How does Quality Claims® / Quality Investigative Services get involved?

Quality Investigative Services plays a crucial role in the process.

Our expertise is sought by Trustees, law firms, investors, banks, loan servicers, among others, who were part of the property sale and now hold the Surplus Funds. Initially, they make earnest efforts to locate the former borrower or their heirs. However, in situations where the interested parties prove challenging to locate or contact, they turn to our trusted services.

We step in as dedicated investigators, employing our resources and skills to locate the rightful heirs or interested parties as effectively as possible to connect them with the company holding the Surplus Funds. With our specialized assistance, beneficiaries can rest assured that their rightful claim to the funds will be efficiently facilitated, helping them take the next steps on their financial journey.

You might have been approached by another company seeking a share of the funds. Who are they?

During our interviews, we often discover that various companies contact the beneficiaries, proposing to aid them in the collection of the Surplus Funds but at a substantial cost—often demanding 30%, 50%, or even higher portions of the funds! It is not necessary to hire one of these third parties to make a claim to the funds.

Our dedicated team works directly for the company holding the funds and guides the beneficiaries through the process with transparency and integrity, ensuring they better understand the process and can connect directly to the company holding the funds.

What happens if my loved one has passed away?

At Quality Claims®, compassion is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that losing a loved one is an emotional and challenging time, and navigating the complexities of financial matters can add to the burden. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a caring and empathetic approach in helping locate the direct heirs and beneficiaries and connecting them with the Surplus Funds rightfully owed to them. We know that these funds can be life-changing and our experienced Private Investigators work to make sure your loved one’s legacy is honored through reclamation of their rightful Surplus Funds.

What information does an heir need to make a claim?

When an individual entitled to the funds has passed away, their heirs have an opportunity to make a rightful claim. To initiate the claim process, the heirs need to furnish essential documents, including a copy of the death certificate, to the company holding the funds. Additionally, the company may require other pertinent information, such as Probate details, wills, and birth or death certificates, to establish lineage and validate the claim. In the event that the heirs do not possess a copy of the death certificate, they can easily request one through Vital Records.

Quality Claims® contacted me. Now what?

Since files may be under a statutory time limit, we kindly request you promptly return our call since you may have information that is pivotal to our investigation. Your cooperation in the upcoming interview is of utmost importance as it may significantly impact the smooth disbursement of the funds—even if you believe the information you possess may seem irrelevant to the investigation.

Moreover, if Quality Claims® has furnished you with contact information for the company currently holding the funds, it’s time to take the next step and reach out to them. For your convenience, consider using email as it could expedite the delivery of the claim form. Be sure to reference the corresponding file when initiating contact, streamlining your experience hassle-free and empower you to successfully make a claim to the Surplus Funds.

I am related to the deceased. Does that mean I get the money?

Being related to the deceased does not automatically guarantee that you will receive the money. At Quality Claims®, our team is tasked with conducting a comprehensive investigation, meticulously locating the direct beneficiary or all potential direct heirs. Throughout this process, we may come across vital information and the company holding the funds will also consider state-specific heirship laws that can influence how the funds are disbursed.

Our commitment is to ensure that a thorough investigation is completed to locate the direct beneficiary and/or potential direct heirs. This thorough investigation allows the company holding the Surplus Funds to complete a fair and accurate assessment, so that everyone entitled to these funds receives their rightful share.

What happens if I don’t make a claim?

Failing to make a claim could mean missing out on an opportunity towards the next chapter in your financial journey. In such cases, the unclaimed funds might eventually be transferred to the state. It’s essential for everyone to take proactive steps in checking their state’s “unclaimed property” listings to determine if any money, including Surplus Funds or proceeds from other events, has been escheated to the state’s custody.

However, even if the funds have already been sent to the state, there’s still hope. You can initiate a claim for the funds by following the process outlined on the respective state’s website.

In conclusion, Surplus Funds present a unique opportunity for the former borrowers or their heirs to claim what rightfully belongs to them after a property sale. At Quality Claims®, we are dedicated to providing compassionate assistance and leveraging our expert investigators to locate beneficiaries and connect them with Surplus Funds.

For more information on how Quality Claims® can help your company with the distribution of Surplus Funds, contact:

Robyn Bui

SVP Sales & Business Development

Phone: (619) 450-8602

Quality Claims / Quality Investigative Services
Quality Investigative Services uses Private Investigators to locate beneficiaries of Surplus Funds

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